posted in 31 Mar 2023
Drones for great apes’ protection and conservation
Unesco announced earlier this year the launch of a drone project that will help monitor the health and changes in natural habitat of great apes in Africa and Asia. In partnership with the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (France) and the Sebitoli Chimpanzee Project (Uganda), the UN agency is enabling
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posted in 14 Mar 2023
Book “Adam the Ape”: friendship between a boy and a chimpanzee
The book "Adam the Ape", by Wolfgang Wambach, tells the story of the friendship between the boy Kenny and the chimpanzee Adam, who is exploited in a circus. The two meet and discover, among many other things in common, the ability to communicate through sign language. From this friendship the
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posted in 07 Mar 2023
On the edge of extinction: why western chimpanzees matter – photo essay
By Roberto García-Roa and Javier Ábalos, Photography by Roberto García-Roa / The Guardian - Jan 20, 2023  Western chimpanzees are on the brink of extinction, categorised by the IUCN as critically endangered. Photojournalist and scientist Roberto García Roa has been working with the Chimpanzee Conservation Centre in Guinea, one of
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posted in 01 Mar 2023
“When I’m 64”
Beautiful campaign by Save the Chimps Sanctuary @savethechimps in Florida, USA. Enjoy a heartwarming video featuring our residents and @thebeatles’ “When I’m Sixty-Four,” donated by McCartney @paulmccartney.  “Most people don’t realize chimpanzees can live into their sixties, thus their lifelong care at sanctuaries is a costly commitment. I
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posted in 16 Feb 2023
Argentina: chimpanzee Toti’s case updated
The chimpanzee Toti's case is old and in the beginning of this month there was a breakthrough with the publication of a sentence - not definitive, but favorable. Toti is 32 years old and was born in captivity, in Buenos Aires. He lived in the zoo in Córdoba and in 2013
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posted in 15 Feb 2023
Popular chimpanzees set hand-holding trends for the whole group
Apes copy the social customs of their influential peers - and their moms. By Jocelyn Solís-Moreira (Feb15, 2023) Holding hands isn’t just for human sweethearts. Chimps often clutch each other’s palms while grooming in a behavior known as handclasping. Handclasping is common among chimpanzees, and this endearing act
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posted in 07 Feb 2023
Katai, the only orangutan in a Brazilian Sanctuary
Meet Katai, who turns 38 today! The female orangutan was born in a German zoo and is a Sumatra/Borneo hybrid. She has been living at the Great Apes Sanctuary of Paraná, Brazil, since 2010.
Residents' Stories Katai
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posted in 01 Feb 2023
Center for Great Apes/USA: California Group update
From Center for Great Apes Sanctuary The seven former research chimpanzees who arrived at CGA one year ago from the closed Wildlife Waystation in Los Angeles are just fabulous!  The four adult males and three adult females have settled into their new home in Wauchula and have captured all our
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posted in 17 Jan 2023
Brazil is closer to becoming the 43rd country in the world to ban animal testing for cosmetics
Federal bill to ban cosmetics testing on animals clears Brazilian Senate Bill 70/2014, backed by Humane Society International, passed a plenary session vote in the Senate, advancing bill to final legislative step From Humane Society International BRASILIA, December 20, 2022 —After nearly a decade in the National Congress, Bill 70/2014, which aims to enact
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posted in 05 Jan 2023
Gorilla Bua Noi, one of the saddest of the world. Help spread the word against this absurd!
Female gorilla Bua Noi (photo), captured in the wild when she was one year old, an orangutan and several other animals are examples of the most archaic concept of a zoo that we unfortunately still encounter in the year 2023. They have been living for decades at Pata Zoo, a rooftop
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posted in 19 Dec 2022
GAP Project wishes Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and may 2023 be a wonderful year for all living beings!  
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posted in 18 Dec 2022
Africa: Urgent help for baby chimpanzees
The baby chimpanzee Niete, who is less than one year old, is one example among many other victims of wildlife hunters in Africa. Her parents and other adults in her group were probably murdered for her to be captured with the purpose of commercialization. Niete was lucky and was rescued.
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posted in 15 Dec 2022
Three chimpanzees shot dead after escape from Swedish zoo
With great sadness we came across another news of chimpanzees' deaths after escaping from a zoo. This time it happened in Sweden, at Furuviksparken zoo, about 160 km away from Stockholm. According to the news released, yesterday, 12/14, 5 of the 7 chimpanzees who lived in the zoo escaped and were loose for hours.
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posted in 06 Dec 2022
The Darwin of our time
By Pedro Pozas Terrados (GAP Project Spain) On October 9, 2022, at the Royal Spanish Academy, in the presence of all the academics and authorities in sciences, knowledge and arts, as well as in that of several politicians, José María Bermúdez de Castro Risueño, took his place at the
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posted in 30 Nov 2022
Chimpanzees share experiences with each other, a trait once thought to be only human
A chimpanzee doesn’t hesitate to make it clear when it wants attention. The closest cousin of humans, this species of great ape has effective ways of communicating what it needs. Researchers have often observed captive chimps pointing to an object they want their caregivers to give them or young
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