In memory of Johny – 05/20/2000 – 11/29/2014
posted in 29 Nov 2023

In memory of Johny – 05/20/2000 – 11/29/2014,  the founder of the Great Apes Sanctuary of Paraná/ Anami Institute 

Johny was born in 2000 in a zoo and was rejected by his mother.  When he was five months old,  Anita and Milan Starostik (photo), who had been supporting actions against mistreatment in circuses and zoos since the 1980s, offered to take care of him.

The close experience with the chimpanzee made them realize the importance of providing Johny with a appropriate place for his development and with the opportunity of coexisting with other chimpanzees.

The result was the establishment of the Great Apes Sanctuary of Paraná/Anami Conservationist Institute, in the south of Brazil,  which today hosts 24 chimpanzees, one orangutan and several other animals.

Johny lived for nearly fifteen years in the company of five other chimpanzees discovering new experiences, in particular with Caíque, with whom he spent long hours grooming and sunbathing.  At age fourteen, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart affliction that required special care. Unfortunately, he did not resist for so long.

“Johny was the beginning of everything, of a struggle that will never die”

in memoriam
Born in a zoo on May 20, 2000, Johny was rejected by his mother. At five months old, he was received by the Starostik couple, living with them in their house until he was one year old, as he needed special care, such as a bottle every two hours.
Date of birth: 05/20/2000
Origin: Zoo
Sanctuary: São José dos Pinhais, Paraná/Brazil