Affiliated Sanctuaries

GAP Project has four affiliated sanctuaries in Brazil, which together are home to 75 chimpanzees and one orangutan.

The sanctuaries’ enclosures are equipped with an internal area with cambering (interconnections) and external areas with a solarium, where chimpanzees can play, run, socialize and exercise. The four sanctuaries meet and go beyond what is defined by Ibama (Brazilian Environmental Institute) standard rules for great apes’ enclosures, since day-to-day life has shown that their needs exceed those described in current Brazilian regulations.

It is important to point out that the Brazilian sanctuaries are independent and private institutions, which means that they are financially maintained by their owning families. The fact that they are affiliated with GAP means that they are aligned with the project’s ideas and are partners in publicizing the cause.


Get to know the Sanctuaries: