posted in 05 Aug 2023
Save the Chimps Sanctuary: The Carole Noon Legacy Society
The Carole Noon Legacy Society is named in honor of Dr. Carole C. Noon (1949–2009), Save the Chimps’ visionary co-founder. It is because of her determination, her compassion, and her ability to inspire others to act that we have a protected and spacious home for our resident chimpanzees. From suing the U.S. Air Force for…
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posted in 20 Jul 2023
Experiencing Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees – Gänserndorf, Austria
The A Haus complex is the largest, divided into 4 large enclosures, each with its own group (A, B, C and D). Enclosure D is the largest, where 9 chimpanzees live – Chimp Moritz’s group. It was the first to have the open area inaugurated, a large 2000m² area. Enclosures C and B are the…
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posted in 20 Jul 2023
Request to transfer chimpanzee Yoko from Colombian zoo to Brazilian sanctuary
This is a letter sent by the GAP Project Spain to the President of Colombia with copies to different authorities (Minister of Environment, Director General, Mayor of the Municipality of Pereira, Manager of Ukumari Biopark and Luis Dominguez, lawyer representing the Great Apes Project Spain in Colombia) about the situation of Yoko, the only chimpanzee…
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posted in 06 Jul 2023
In Loving Memory of Seve (1993-2023)
Seve was born on July 9, 1993, at the Coulston Foundation in Alamogordo, New Mexico, a laboratory with extensive violations of the Animal Welfare Act. At age two, he was taken from his mother and used in multiple experiments. During these studies he had severe allergic reactions, anesthetic complications, and a part of his liver…
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posted in 12 Jun 2023
Billy and the humanization dilemma
Billy is an example of how humanized chimpanzees can become outside of their natural environment. Despite being an indicator of his intelligence, his behavior will always be a reminder of his past.
Residents' Stories Billy
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posted in 09 Jun 2023
Africa: Severe storm wreaks havoc on chimpanzee sanctuary
Disaster can strike at any time and put the lives of endangered great apes and monkeys at risk. Severe storms damage chimpanzee enclosures, generators unexpectedly die and cut off the main water source, and deadly viruses attack.
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posted in 07 Jun 2023
Empty Forests – How politics, economics and corruption fuel live great ape trafficking
In April, Daniel Stiles, an independent wildlife trade researcher for over 20 years, released a report by the Global Initiative organization warning about the problem of great apes trafficking in Africa. A sad already known reality, but that, unfortunately, seems to be no closer to being solved.
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posted in 02 Jun 2023
Book review – “Chimpanzee”: lessons from our sister species
Chimpanzee is a wonderfully comprehensive book. Kevin D. Hunt is Professor of Animal Behaviour and Anthropology at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is a functional morphologist, using reverse engineering to consider how the anatomical structures of animals, in this case chimpanzees, function in their everyday lives.
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posted in 27 May 2023
GAP Project condemns the insults mande against the soccer player Vinicius Jr.
The Great Ape Project / Proyecto Gran Simio condemns the public insults made against the soccer player Vinicius Jr., calling him "monkey" in a pejorative way, when we, humans, are primates and, more specifically, great apes. Ignorance and lack of culture cause acts of this kind of racism and hatred to
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posted in 24 May 2023
Africa: Baby chimps continued to be rescue from illegal trade and need your support
From PASA - Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance We are terrified by how many orphaned primates will need our care in the coming months. PASA’s emergency rescue fund ensures that urgent rescues like these are conducted quickly, resulting in more lives being saved.  Last week, three chimpanzees and two young
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posted in 20 May 2023
From confinement to the open areas of the Sanctuary
Bruna lived in a circus for 15 years, most of the time confined to a small cage. When she was rescued, the cage had to be cut open, as she could no longer get out of the door.
Residents' Stories Bruna
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posted in 15 May 2023
Chimpanzees synchronize their steps just like humans
Behavioral research with chimpanzees is fascinating because, besides the similarities found with human behavior, it makes us think about the specificity of each species. One example is a recent research study presented in this video. The study "Inter-individual Coordination in Walking Chimpanzees” is a partnership between researchers from the University
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posted in 09 May 2023
Argentina: The Supreme Court of Río Negro ordered the transfer of chimpanzee “Toti” to a sanctuary
By Newsroom - Site Rio Negro The chimpanzee is 33 years old and has been in captivity in Bubalcó since 2013. Now, specialists will have to carry out a study to determine whether the animal is able to face the transference journey and determine the most suitable place. The Superior Court of
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posted in 03 May 2023
Comparison of genomes from 240 species makes fresh revelations about human evolution
In the end of April, scientists released the key results of a major study that compared the genomes of 240 species of mammals - including humans. Some of the findings of the Project Zoonomia were published in the journal Science and made fresh human evolution revelations. By comparing the genomes, it
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posted in 11 Apr 2023
Gorilla Bokito, who once attacked a woman, dies unexpectedly at 27 in a Dutch zoo
GAP's note: The story of Bokito is one among many examples of how complex it is to keep such intelligent beings in captivity. With the aggravating factor, in this case, that there is exposure and visitation. May Bokito rest in Peace... Blijdorp Zoo's famous western lowland gorilla, Bokito, died unexpectedly
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