Colombia: TV program calls for urgent transfer of chimpanzee Yoko
posted in 04 Dec 2023

The program “Los Informantes” on TV Caracol, Colombia, aired yesterday, December 3, with a special report on the recent case involving the death of two chimpanzees in a biopark and the subsequent campaign for the transfer of a third one to the Great Apes Sanctuary of Sorocaba, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The TV story explains the whole case of the chimpanzees Pancho and Chita, who were shot and killed after escaping from the Ukumari Biopark in July, and also the urgency of transferring the chimpanzee Yoko, the only remaining chimpanzee at the site and in Colombia, to the sanctuary.

The death of the chimpanzees is still being investigated by local authorities. At the same time, animal rights activists and professionals have been mobilizing and calling for the institutions responsible for the documentation to expedite the process, so that Yoko can be relocated to the Great Apes Sanctuary of Sorocaba, São Paulo.

The Brazilian sanctuary is open to welcome Yoko as a resident and plans to set up an integration plan so that he is no longer alone, as well as being available to help and make the transfer financially viable.

The full story can be watched on the Colombian TV program’s website and also on the GAP Project’s YouTube channel.