Katai Orangutan
Meet the beautiful Katai! The female orangutan was born in 1985 in a German zoo and is a Sumatra/Borneo hybrid. Since 2010, she has been one of the residents of the Anami Institute's Great Apes Sanctuary, in Paraná.
Date of birth: 02/07/1985
Origin: Germany
Sanctuary: São José dos Pinhais, Paraná/Brazil


She lived for 25 years housed in a precarious enclosure without conditions for a dignified life in the zoo, and still lost the only companion she had.

When she arrived at the Sanctuary she seemed very scared and suspicious, she had a phobia of being closed in a restricted environment. A trauma that seemed to be irreversible.

With a lot of patience and dedication, Katai learned to trust her caregivers and today she is confident walking in her enclosure and interacting with her spider monkey neighbors. Enrichment techniques were instituted with a view to removing the monotony of captivity and encouraging its locomotion.

Resident's History
posted in 07 Feb 2023
Katai, the only orangutan in a Brazilian Sanctuary
Meet Katai, who turns 38 today! The female orangutan was born in a German zoo and is a Sumatra/Borneo hybrid. She has been living at the Great Apes Sanctuary of Paraná, Brazil, since 2010.
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