Great Apes Sanctuary of Ibiúna

São Paulo, Brazil

It is the newest of the sanctuaries affiliated with the GAP Project Brazil and its owners are Rubens and Claudia Forte. It houses two young female chimpanzees rescued from a zoo that was banned in Fortaleza/CE due to the terrible conditions it offered to animals in general.

The sanctuary facilities are spacious, airy, with many toys to meet the needs of chimpanzees. The owners’ idea is to expand the facilities and receive other chimpanzees that need shelter in the future.

Sanctuary Residents
She is very observant, super active, has a strong personality, and is extremely protective of her sister, Megh. His favorite pastime is playing tickle.
Date of birth: 05/17/2004
Origin: Private zoo in Fortaleza/CE
Sanctuary: Ibiúna, São Paulo/Brazil
Female. DOB: 17/10/05, Paraíso Perdido, private zoo in Fortaleza/CE. She is introspective, observant, loves children, likes to climb trees and spend hours playing in their tops. She is also very affectionate.
Date of birth: 10/17/2005
Origin: Private Zoo in Fortaleza/CE
Sanctuary: Ibiúna, São Paulo/Brazil