Carioca Chimpanzee
Due to the suffering endured while working in the circus, he does not like to stay indoors.
Date of birth: 04/24/1995
Origin: Garcia Circus
Sanctuary: Sorocaba, São Paulo/Brazil

Carioca is one of several chimpanzees who have lived in circuses. He arrived at the Sanctuary as a youngster, in 2004, from the former Garcia circus, where he was born and lived for years. Like his sister Bruna, he doesn’t like to stay indoors because of the suffering he endured working in the circus. 

He is temperamental, curious and very active. He likes to walk around the enclosure to look out of the windows and watch the movements of the keepers and the chimpanzees who live in the surrounding enclosures. 

Carioca is always with Bruna and likes to sleep with her in the baskets at the top of the houses, from where it is possible to have an extensive view of the sanctuary. He is very generous and shares everything with Bruna. When she doesn’t want to come down from the house to get some food, for example, he will even take some to share with her.

Lives in the Sanctuary.
She lived at Garcia Circus for 15 years confined to a small cage, which had to be cut open on her rescue.
Date of birth: 09/05/1988
Origin: Garcia Circus
Sanctuary: Sorocaba, São Paulo/Brazil