Caco Chimpanzee
During his life the zoo, he had serious psychiatric disorders and would severely self-mutilate.
Date of birth: 1986
Origin: Sorocaba zoo
Sanctuary: Sorocaba, São Paulo/Brazil

It is known that Caco was raised by a family as a pet and was later sent to Curitiba Zoo, south of Brazil, and then to Sorocaba Zoo, countryside of São Paulo state. When he lived in the zoo in Sorocaba, he had serious psychiatric disorders and would severely self-mutilate, biting his legs and tearing off pieces of his own skin and muscles. 

For the zoo, Caco’s fate would be euthanasia, as he couldn’t improve under those living conditions. In 2002, he was taken to the sanctuary and his life changed completely. 

Caco underwent drug treatment, but the most important thing was living directly with the chimpanzee Jully and indirectly with other neighbors of the same species. This was fundamental and, within a few months, Caco showed a total improvement in his clinical condition. 

Since then, he no longer shows any signs of a psychiatric problem and lives peacefully with his companion Jully. Despite everything he’s been through, Caco is very playful, curious and affectionate with his carers. He loves grooming and playing fetch, showing every day how happy he is to have been given another chance to live in peace and harmony, leaving his past suffering behind him.