posted in 08 Jul 2024
Africa: Snare removal program supports chimpanzee conservation
Wild chimpanzees are caught in snares set for other animals and can be seriously injured, compromising their survival and behavior and posing a threat. A study shows how important the removal of snares is for their conservation.
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posted in 24 Jun 2024
Chimpanzees ‘self-medicate’ with healing plants
News about great apes using plants for medicinal treatments has been reported before. This past week one more was released: a team observing the behavior of chimpanzees in Uganda identified the search for antibacterial plants for self-medication purposes.
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posted in 16 Jun 2024
Book review – “Trauma in Sentient Beings: Nature, Nurture and Nim” ( by Antonina Anna Scarná and Robert Ingersoll – 2024)
In "Trauma in Sentient Beings", the authors expand on their argument that the language research had traumatic impacts on both the chimpanzees and their human researcher-carers, and moreover that such impacts apply to all chimpanzees held in captivity.
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posted in 14 Jun 2024
PGS Spain: New Book – “Non Human Hominids”
Pedro Pozas affirms: My intention with this book is to contribute to the fight to end aggression against non-human hominids, recognize their rights, protect their populations in the wild, equally defend their habitat and the local human populations that coexist with them, and end their captivity.
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posted in 16 May 2024
United States: 26 chimpanzees still await transfer to sanctuary trapped in laboratory
A large number of chimpanzees was used in laboratories in the USA from the 1930s until 2015, when the US FDA finally announced the end of the practice in the country. Then this question arose: What to do with the surviving chimpanzees? The most sensible answer: to relocate them to sanctuaries.
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Residents' Stories
posted in 03 Apr 2024
Children snatched away by the circus
Throughout her life in the circus, Lucy gave birth to several children, but had no chance of becoming a mother. The babies were snatched from her on the day they were born, probably to be sold.
Lucy is a docile female and very zealous with her children. During her life in the circus, she had several puppies, but no opportunity to raise them, as they were taken from her the same day they were born. With her arrival at Anami, this reality changed. Lucy can raise Noel, her youngest son.
Date of birth: 1981
Origin: Circus
Sanctuary: São José dos Pinhais, Paraná/Brazil
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posted in 29 Nov 2023
In memory of Johny - 05/20/2000 - 11/29/2014
"Johny was the beginning of everything, of a struggle that will never die." The Starostik couple took care of a baby chimp rejected at birth in a zoo and created a suitable place for welfare in captivity.
in memoriam
Born in a zoo on May 20, 2000, Johny was rejected by his mother. At five months old, he was received by the Starostik couple, living with them in their house until he was one year old, as he needed special care, such as a bottle every two hours.
Date of birth: 05/20/2000
Origin: Zoo
Sanctuary: São José dos Pinhais, Paraná/Brazil
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posted in 09 Nov 2023
Unknown past
Little is known about Johnny's origins and past. When he arrived at the Sanctuary, for example, he didn't have two fingers on his right hand, and there is no record of an incident that led to this.
Johnny is cheerful, affectionate, smart and loves to stay on the walkway of his enclosure, where he makes nests to sleep with several blankets and be very comfortable. He loves drinking water straight from the hose or bottles and grooming with his caregivers.
Date of birth: 1989
Origin: Curitiba Zoo
Sanctuary: Sorocaba, São Paulo/Brazil
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World Declaration on Great Apes Rights

We stand the proposal of equal extension in granting rights to all hominids/great apes.

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