Logo History The design was modernized, but our mission remains the same

GAP Project Logo

GAP Project Logo - Old

The GAP Brasil Project logo is a symbol of more than two decades of struggle centered on the idea of ​​the rights to life, freedom and non-torture of great primates/non-human hominids. In it are the chimpanzees Claudio (left) and Guga (in memoriam), still babies at the time. Both were born in a chimpanzee breeding facility that existed in southern Brazil for the sale of offspring. This breeding site was finally closed and Guga, Claudio and all the others who lived there were the first residents of the Great Primates Sanctuary of Sorocaba, in São Paulo, in the year 2000.

The proximity to Guga, Claudio and all the other great primates that founded the Brazilian Sanctuaries was the inspiration for the creation of the GAP Project organization. The logo was created and the work of disseminating information and exchanging experiences began, which today has great representation and is a reference in Brazil and in the world. Laws and the conscience of society at large have advanced since then, but it is necessary to continue. And the logo always reminds us of those we choose to fight for.