posted in 27 Jun 2007
Frans de Waal and the Altruism
Recent experiments in the Institut of Evolutive Antropology Max Planck, in Leipzig (Germany), had demonstrated that chimpanzees help themselves when not related, when placed before a challenge (source- Reinaldo J. Lopes In this article published in the scientific magazine – “PLOS Biology”, he was also registered the
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posted in 17 Jan 2007
Two Mountain Gorillas have been killed by rebels in Congo
There are only 700 Mountain Gorillas left in the world and 380 of them are in the wild, living in the volcanic region between Congo (Zaire), Rwanda and Uganda- Central Africa. Laurent Nkuanda, a renegade soldier, along with his group of rebels operates in the region known as Virunga National Park, an
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posted in 16 Jan 2007
Chimps Freed After 17 Years in a Cage
From PASA (Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance) Can you imagine how it must feel to spend 17 years in a cage so tiny that you can’t even stand up or straighten your legs? It’s hard for me to think about. But for Utah and Mungo, this was reality. Every day,
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posted in 07 Aug 2006
During a meeting held in Madrid, last 30 July, historical decisions were taken to convert the GAP Project into a more truly INTERNATIONAL movement, that would better reach the entire world and every country. The most important decisions approved by unanimous vote were: 1) The International Direction Board of GAP Project will
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posted in 19 Jun 2006
The human superiority which judges itself owner of the world, has created the species segmentation and its nationality. The chimps are considered exotic beings due to their African origin. Human being ancestors are the same as those of chimps, meaning both have African origin. Therefore, human beings in Brazil could
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